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This blog is primarily for me to document some of the workarounds, quick fixes and neat tricks I’ve had to find to keep stuff working. If I don’t write it down, I forget it and then I’ve got to try and track it down all over again.

I suppose it’s also for other people too. When I’m searching for stuff and can’t find it or at least not all in one spot, I get frustrated. I hate finding my problem on countless threads with the same bad advice. Somewhere in there might be a clue that leads me to the right solution, but often I’ve just got to put it all together. Sometimes if I’m really lucky someone has already asked the exact question on Stackoverflow or someone has written a blog about it. Maybe I can do the same for someone else.


I’m currently an Application Architect for Allegient, LLC. I was previously the Manager of Collaboration and Enterprise Reporting for Regal Entertainment Group (The people behind Regal Cinemas, Edwards Theatres & United Artist Theatres). I ran the SharePoint sites, Business Intelligence, document scanning, electronic forms, and more. On the side I create apps (iOS, WP7 & Android) and do a bunch of other programming (Mostly .NET). I love programming.

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  1. Could you please any one suggest me regarding this issue.issue is Document library, users have Read access to files, inheritance has been broken at the folder, library setting is to Open in client application. Clients have Office 2007. Site is not in trusted location for excel services (I want file to open in client application).Anyone come up with a solution or explanation? and if i give read permissions at library level it’s working to open in client excel application , but i need to open in excel file with out giving library level permissions only for folder level.
    Please suggest in this. thanks

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