4 thoughts on “Thank you SharePoint Conference!

  1. As a newbie to colum/view formatting, this preso is a great resource. I was looking for something that mapped the JSON and this is the only resource I’ve seen. Huge thanks for sharing!!

  2. Any thoughts it the excel based formatting will work in SharePoint 2019 in near future? We are planning to upgrade to SharePoint 2019 and wanted to use the formatting view and column capabilities. Just wanted to know if we can wait for these or they will be only limited to Office365.

    • It is my understanding (I don’t work for Microsoft, of course) that there will be no updates to how List Formatting works in SP2019. So no view formatting, excel style expressions, and several operators will be coming to SP2019 – but they should be in the next version of On-Premises SharePoint. Column formatting using AST expressions are fully supported in SP2019.

  3. Hi Chris,

    Enjoyed your very informative and entertaining sessions at the SharePoint conference on column formatting and SPFx extension!

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