3 thoughts on “Changing the Default Expansion of MetaData Navigation on Initial Page Load

  1. Chris,
    I want to leverage the metadata navigation on my Wiki pages as well. I am working on an Enterprise wiki site in SharePoint 2010 but there are some major issues with the navigation. I can easily activate the metadata navigation in the pages library, but when I navigate to any of the pages, the navigation gets lost and I need to go back to the pages library to continue navigating. So in searching whether it is possible to use the metadata navigation on the wiki page layouts as well, the answer I found was yes, it is:

    1. On the custom page layout, I can add a reference to the MetadataNavTree.ascx control.

    2. Then I can add the control at the appropriate place; I used the PlaceHolderLeftNavBar.

    This works great accept for one thing, once I select a Wiki page I still see the wiki nav but the filters that I just selected from those wiki categories are gone. So the end user has to start over with navigating the wiki categories to re-display the list they were just looking at OR they hit the BACK button on their browser. We all know typical human behavior is that they will expect that wiki tree nav to remember where they were at so they can just click that sub category again and redisplay the wiki pages that match that filter criteria. Basically I’m looking to mimic the same behavior of Technet :http://technet.microsoft.com/library/default.aspx

    Any ideas?

  2. I’ve adopted MetaData navigation in SharePoint 2013. I’ve created terms in a term set that will make up the global navigation for a site. I notice that there is a limit on the width or number of characters for menu items created from the term set. Do you have insight on how to modify the default value to increase the width so my entry does not wrap to a second line? Thanks for any input.

  3. Did anyone have issues with the solution? I got it and installed it but the metadata navigation is still collapsed. I checked the ascx file and the value is set to 2 but doesn’t seem to be applied. Any idea?

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